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Ready for another go ’round of ‘My Favorite (Sewing) Things’ blog tour Hosted by Sewing By Ti! I know you are probably preparing for Fall, but it is still warm outside and I have been thinking about adding a hood to a tank and recently found out how nicely the New Horizons Designs patterns fit my children. I love a pattern that is flattering and simple but yet fun. Oh – and one that fits! Finding something that a picky child will wear is challenging, but creating their dream clothing piece – well, that is priceless. 20429881_10211175723083610_1818290708682507480_n


I recently hacked the Key West Tank for Girls by New Horizons Designs (it is Free when you join their Facebook group). You will need either the Lisse Cowl and Hoodie or Elevation Hoodie pattern for the hood in the coordinating size.


Key West Tank For Girls With Regular Tank Option


Lisse Hoodie For Girls

I measured the child I was sewing for before I printed my pattern pieces accordingly. For the tank I ended-up having to make a size 5T and size 5T  hoodie pattern piece from the Elevation Hoodie. So to achieve this Hooded Key West Tank I printed the bodice (front and back) and armbands from the Key West Tank for Girls pattern and the hood pattern piece from the Lisse Cowl and Hoodie (or you can use the Elevation Hoodie). I also made a racerback using the lisse hoodie. Note: Do not mark the eyelet pieces for the hood pattern piece – it will not be crossing over.

20668553_10103730609954725_499523522_n.jpgTo begin, cut your pattern pieces out for the Key West Tank according to the directions and sew them as instructed (including the armbands) – you can also hem and topstitch as desired. For mine I did the regular tank option (the racerback version would work perfect as well). 20707660_10103733395392685_278077526_n.jpg

Follow the instructions for constructing your Key West Tank…sew the shoulder seams and side seams with right sides together. 20706720_10103733395362745_30089444_n.jpg

Attach the armbands or binding (I used bands)…20750497_10103733395457555_2138185422_n.jpg

Don’t forget to topstitch if desired….20731116_10103733395397675_667473089_n.jpg

Now for the hood (I did not add eyelets), you will want to make a diagonal line that is even with the opening of the hood is. For the size 5T I measured 3″ from the crossover (directly in the middle to ensure it would be even). Since the tank will not have the crossover, it is important to remove this as smoothly as possible – meaning it has a clean cut. If you are also planning on lining your hood – it is important to replicate this modification to the lining. Note: Don’t forget to cut mirror images for the hood and lining.


Lisse Hood Shown in this Photo


Elevation Hood Shown with the same 3inches cut off at an angle

You will end up having a nice clean cut – make sure you smooth out any ridges or uneven edges of the fabric so that the opening of the hood has a sleek look when worn. Now you can either attach the hood, add eyelets with drawstring, or add lining.

Adding A Lined Hood: To add lining, you will follow the original patterns instructions except do not use the seam allowance instructed – use 3/8″ instead as we have already removed the crossover. This is option recommended before attaching the hood to the tank.


Attach the lining with right sides together to the main fabric for the hood



Note: This is my lined hood. Make sure you align your center seam of the back of the hood with the center of the back of the bodice on the neckline for an appropriate fitting hood.

Additional Options For Your Hood….

Adding A Raw Edged Hood: If you are choosing to attach the hood directly without any additional modifications – you want to align the center seam of the back of the hood to the center of the back of the tank and align the raw edges around the neckline of the tank and sew together. Note that when attaching the hood, there will a slight overlap for the hood but only in the front. 

Adding Eyelets and Drawstring: If you are going to add eyelets (if you wish to do so) remember you will need to use this measurement for BOTH mirrored hood pieces – measure 1 3/4″ up and 1 3/4″ over from the corner point of the bottom crossover (photo reference of point – here at the 1.5″ marking on my cutting mat). Do not forget to topstitch – follow the pattern’s instructions regarding topstitching. This is option recommended before adding lining and before attaching the hood to the tank.

Top-stitching for a professional finish

Now…for the finished hacked and inspirational photos ❤ ❤






Fabric From: Double Brushed Poly from Vinegar and Honey Fabric Co. And Knitpop

Patterns Used: Key West Tank For Girls –> Here    Girl’s Lisse Hoodie —> Here; Key West Tank For Ladies –> Here; Ladie’s Lisse Hoodie–> Here; Want the Elevation Hoodie Bundle Instead??–> Here

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Note: this post contains affiliate links, which means that if you choose to purchase a pattern, a small portion of that gets recycled into my fabric/pattern addiction – this is at no cost to you! All opinions, hacks, and creative styles are my own!


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