If you love the Portlanders, you will love this awesome hack. I have been trying to figure out the best way to have an internal pocket for them and finally found it – totally unexpected too. Here are the original portlander shorts for girl’s with pocket’s – it may be hard to tell because I made sure I aligned ALL of the rainbow pastel stripes. 20257936_10103692348980025_5186537733642020449_n.jpg

First step is to print out your desired size of the portlanders waistband and pants or shorts. Next you will need the Pierside Pencil Skirt pattern (here) for the pockets. You will then print the coordinating size pockets (print the same size pockets from the skirt that you printed for the portlanders). So if the person you are sewing for is a size 5T for girls, you will print off the size 5T pattern pieces (except for the pocket) from the Portlanders Pattern AND only the size 5T pocket pattern piece from the Pierside Pencil Skirt. Now, cut your pattern pieces out.20403514_10103694615358185_306575375_n

Your skirt pocket piece should slide nicely over top of the front shorts pattern piece. Go ahead and cut your full sized pocket pattern piece out (2 mirrored images) but wait to cut your front portlander pattern pieces because we will be adjusting that to fit the pocket.


Next you will need two more front pocket pieces – this time you will cut on the line that says to cut for pocket (again, 2 mirror images).  You will want the front shorts pattern piece (pink paper) to have this same slanted edge as the pocket (white paper) 20273557_10103694615263375_1535888658_o

It will look like this on the fabric – make sure you cut that slant off for the pocket opening otherwise this will not work.


Once you have your pieces cut out of your fabric – it should look similar to these (I cut out a size 5T and used double brushed poly from Knitpop). 20427218_10103694615547805_1384662719_o

With your pocket pattern pieces (with the slanted cut) you will align this with your front portlander pattern – fabric pieces should be right sides together.


Now, sew the ‘opening’ together on the slant. Make sure the pieces align at the raw edges.20353788_10103694615153595_909885973_o

Fold the pocket that you just sewed on, back so that the front side of the portlanders are right side up, and your pocket should be right side down. Topstitch over where you just sewed (as seen in the photo below). 20394815_10103694615243415_211678951_o

Now, turn your pattern piece over and lay your full sized pocket on top with right sides together.20401211_10103694615577745_164225005_n

Begin at either the top or the bottom of the half circle (which will become the enclosed pocket) and sew the raw edges.


Next you will flip your pattern piece back over so that the right side of the front is right side up. You will now, topstitch the pocket into place. Next you will do the same instructions that we just did for the opposite side of the front of the portlanders.


Now, follow the remainder of the instructions from the portlanders pattern on sewing together the front panels and back panels to create your shorts or pants as well as adding on the waistband and hemming. 20401147_10103694668791105_952010082_n.jpg

Can’t wait to see what you sew up…I plan on making a few more for back to school (but in pants length)! In the mean time, I just have to share a second one that I sewed up using So Sew English Unicorn Double Brushed Poly with Knitpop‘s Custom Rainbow Pastel Double Brushed Poly Fabric. I adore how this also turned out!

Don’t forget to grab your copy of the Portlanders –> Ladies Version (here) or the Girls Version (here); Better yet, make it a Bundle for Mommy and Me and SAVE (here).

And if you still need the Pierside Pencil Skirt, it is still on sale through July 30th —> Ladies Version (here) or the Girls Version (here); Better yet, make it a Bundle for Mommy and Me and SAVE (here) while the Pierside Pencil Skirt is on Sale (no coupon code needed)

Shorts Paired with the Girl’s Maggie from Bella Sunshine Designs –>Ladies Version (here) and the Girls Version (here).

Fabric From: Knitpop and So Sew English

Note: this post contains affiliate links, which means that if you choose to purchase a pattern, a small portion of that gets recycled into my fabric/pattern addiction – this is at no cost to you! All opinions are my own! I buy my own patterns and fabric!