Love the style of the dress, but want it to be a tee or tunic length?! Yea – me too. I love the versatility a pattern has when you can easily transition a dress into a top or a top into a dress! One dress that I absolutely adore is the Be Dreamy Dress by Ellie and Mac – it is nice and flowly – perfect for any season. But – I really love the style and didn’t want to fill my daughter’s closet with all dresses; she adored the flutter sleeves and was asking for some new tops! In fact I recently found a top at Old Navy which sparked my idea.

Here is the link and photo for the flutter top I saw online through Old Navy’s website.


And here is my completed top (I added extra length and tied a knot on the back because we didn’t want the extra sand coming home). 20158372_10103670081000235_13762147_n.jpg

And here is the original Be Dreamy Dress by Ellie and Mac.


Love the style but want a top? That’s an easy hack. You will begin by measuring the front of the child from the shoulder all the way down to where you would like the tee’s hem line to be. Now add an extra 1/2″ for hem. For the back hem you will do the same – measure at the shoulder down to how long you would like the back of the dress to be. Curved hems will be different. 

NOTE: If you have not already cut out your pattern pieces (the paper pattern pieces not the fabric) you will want to cut them because this next part is important. The pattern pieces I am using has a seam across the chest; if your pattern does not have a seam across the chest, then you will just lay your front bodice pattern down. 

Next – I laid down the front bodice with the front skirt pattern pieces. For a solid front and back piece you will want to overlap your bodice for the front and front skirt pieces by 1/4″ which is the original patterns alloted seam allowanceDon’t forget to do the same for the back bodice and back skirt pattern pieces. 

Now you will want to measure from the top of the shoulder seam of the front bodice to the desired length of your top or tunic. 19858417_10103636945319405_251167613_n.jpg

Now with your pattern pieces laid out nice and flat and your measuring tape straight without tilt, mark where you will be cutting with hem allowance in mind and draw a straight line for the bottom of the front of the skirt. This will be a nice straight cut. You will cut the front and then the back pattern pieces at the desired length.


Please note this photo does not indicate the size/length that I cut – it is shown for detail and precision.

I don’t know about you but I generally like a (Tee to hit around the hips) Tunic right mid-thigh. So I obtained a front measurement of 22″ (including hem allowance) from shoulder seam to bottom of the front skirt and 23″ for the back (also including hem allowance). I sewed up the pattern as instructed – the only difference is the length of the skirt. (You may also note that I created a solid panel for the front). 19866622_10103641836801835_1063034911_n.jpg19866288_10103641872250795_468448503_n

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Fabric From: Knitpop

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