I absolutely adore a fun top or dress for that matter but sometimes I like to add a little flare of fun to it’s style – like a high-low hem! Here is original Be Dreamy Dress that I hacked into a high-low hem dress. I love the flow of the skirt and the flutter sleeves – it also has the option of pockets! 20170704_090159_wm-1.jpg

Love the style but want high-low hem? That’s an easy hack. You will begin by measuring the front of the child from the shoulder all the way down to where you would like to dress’s hem line to be. Now add an extra 1/2″ for hem. For the back hem you will do the same – measure at the shoulder down to how long you would like the back of the dress to be. Remember the back will be a curved hem to allow for the high-low effect.

NOTE: If you have not already cut out your pattern pieces (the paper pattern pieces not the fabric) you will want to cut them because this next part is important. Next – I laid down the front bodice with the front skirt pattern pieces. Do not overlap these pieces. Don’t forget to do the same for the back bodice and back skirt pattern pieces. 

Now you will want to measure from the top of the shoulder seam of the front bodice to the desired length of your top – this is so you know exactly how low your hem will be and how much you will need to shorten the front of the skirt (and back of the skirt) pattern piece.19858417_10103636945319405_251167613_n.jpg

Now with your pattern pieces laid out nice and flat and your measuring tape straight without tilt, mark where you will be cutting with hem allowance in mind and draw a straight line for the bottom of the front of the skirt. This will be a nice straight cut. Do not cut your fabric yet – you are only creating your high-low hem pattern pieces.



For the back skirt you will need to adjust the length of the pattern piece itself so that the curved back (low hem) will connect at the side seams of the high hem (front skirt) while still keeping the top of the pattern piece. You are basically shortening the length of the skirt. Ensure that the pattern pieces are aligned at the seams so that when you do hem, it will be a nice even hem and not wonky. (Here I already cut my pieces of fabric).19820936_10103638841000445_2008897206_o.jpgNote: My skirt length for the 4T front skirt piece dropped 12″ off of the original pattern piece and the back skirt piece dropped 6″ off of the original pattern piece. These numbers for length can easily be modified based upon the child’s height.

Here you will see the importance of aligning up the seams so that when you do hem, it will be smooth and even without rippling or twisting.19829943_10103638841070305_1879814785_o.jpg

You will sew the pattern according to the directions (the only modification is in the skirt’s length). Follow the instructions using your newly cut pieces and hem appropriately. Your finished garment will then have the high-low effect for the hem.



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Fabric From: Knitpop

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