I often struggle finding the perfect cover-up. It seems like every year – I am in the store looking through racks and racks of clothes searching for a beach or pool cover-up. Each time I end up empty handed as I leave the store. Now that I have started sewing and have fiddled with a few patterns for the perfect cover-up – I found one. It was not an easy journey either.


I love having a pattern that is versatile and can be easily hacked – That is how I created this! With tank sleeves, curved neckline and lengthened tunic.


I used a ribbed rayon spandex blend from Vinegar and Honey Fabric Co for the Bella Sunshine Designs Free Reagan Raglan top. It is a unisex raglan top for children that include top, tunic, and dress length as well as long and short sleeve options. They also have a ladies version which is also free. Make sure you join their Facebook group here for the code.

I downloaded my pattern and remeasured my child. I have actually learned the importance of measuring before printing and cutting the pattern because children grow so quickly.


The child I am sewing for measured 21″ Chest, 20″ Waist, 22″ Hips, and 38″ Tall. I wanted the cover-up to be comfortable, especially if there would be a wet swimsuit under. I felt that sizing up by 2 full sizes would give off this effect. So, I cut all of the pattern pieces as directed including the sleeves (but except for the sleeve bands) at a size 4T including the length. If you want a more modest neckband – you can cut at the appropriate measured size.

I also wanted a rounded neckline rather then a v-neck. So for this – you will just round the front necklines pattern piece – add 1/2″ to the original neckband pattern piece (the little strip itself).


As far as the sleeve pattern piece, I set that pattern piece aside, and I folded it in half. Before I cut my pattern piece I knew I would need to angle the cut that I would be making to make it a tank/cap sleeve. With my pattern piece still set aside, I measured the distance from neck to where I wanted my tank sleeve to stop.


You can lengthen or shorten the tank sleeve when you measure but ensure to add an extra 1/2″ for hem. My measurement is 3.25″ that is from neckline to the edge of the shoulder plus an additional 1/2″ (for hem allowance). I laid my original sleeve pattern piece (still folded nicely in half) on my cutting mat.  I made a mark at the 1/2″ point of the bottom of the sleeve pattern piece and angled my ruler up to the 3.25″ mark where I wanted the sleeve to fall (based upon my child’s measurements). And then I cut – ending up with this triangle (which can be tossed into the recycling because you won’t use it).



Next, you will cut two mirror images of this new tank sleeve pattern piece. I used a rayon spandex blend from Vinegar and Honey Fabric Co.20120992_10103663200703405_2096395730_n.jpg

Then attach the tank sleeve piece as the instructions state along with the remainder of the pattern’s instructions. This is how your tank sleeve will look attached.20068435_10103663200648515_1174570736_n.jpg


Continue with the pattern’s original instructions including sewing up the side seams…20067611_10103663200668475_1739453618_n.jpg

Then flip your project right side out, and hem at 1/2″ throughout. Don’t forget to attach your neckband. Note: You will not be able to use the sleeve bands as they will be too small for the tank sleeves you just cut. If you want to make your own sleeve bands, you can do so by measuring the stretch of your fabric and then measuring the opening of the sleeve. 20136553_10103671360256595_130584213_n.jpg

Voila! Tee to Tank Cover-Up. It is a fun way to make an already versatile pattern even more fun! If you want to make a Reagan Raglan Tank – and not a cover-up you would use the child’s exact measurements. Now RUN and grab your patterns and start sewing 😍20158251_10103671613304485_1066499947_n.jpg

Pattern Used:  Bella Sunshine Designs Free Reagan Raglan top Kids Version. You can also use the ladies version (also Free). Code to be used at Checkout making the patterns free is here in the BSD Facebook group.

Fabric Used: Vinegar and Honey Fabric Co.  Ribbed Rayon Spandex

Note: this post contains affiliate links, which means that if you choose to purchase a pattern, a small portion of that gets recycled into my fabric/pattern addiction – this is at no cost to you! All opinions, hacks, and creative styles are my own!