Adding Fringe For Festivity

Do you ever feel like being creative and adding some type of fun embellishment to your garment!? Or Sometimes we see an image and just want to recreate it. Lately, I have seen that fringe has been showing up everywhere.

DIY Fringe tank 06.jpg

I wanted to find a good stable tank pattern to be used for this hack. I had previously sewn up the Key West Girl’s Tank by New Horizons Designs which allowed me to figure out the fit including length. The Tank pattern is free with code in the New Horizons Designs Facebook Group.

I created a size 3T with 4T length – I followed the instructions for sewing the shoulder seams together, then stopped. 19756121_10103630143290725_476097137_n.jpg

I left the side seams open – this would allow me to add fringe. I measured the distance from the point of the armcycle to the bottom of the shirt (longest point) for the Size 3T with 4T length – it was 13″ (remember that for the next step).19679741_10103630143195915_586843361_n.jpg

I measured from the bottom hem up 6.5″ and this would be my halfway point of the front of the shirt (and back). I kept my fabric aligned so that when I cut – I would cut the front and the back together. I cut each fringe a 1/2″ wide. With each cut, it went through the front and the back. 19692536_10103630143151005_1798830517_n.jpg

Now this is what it looks like, after you meticulously cut all of those fringes….19848789_10103630143160985_1888299762_n.jpgNow you want to sew up the side seams ending right above the fringe. Then follow the remainder of the patterns instructions for adding the neckband and armbands.

You can easily leave the fringes alone to flow in the breeze or create a decorative design using knots. (For knots – you will tie two of the fringes together). Here I did a few layers of knots – don’t forget to gently stretch the fabric where the knots are so that it loosens up a tad. Since you are using a knit fabric – there is no need to hem!19265015_10103630228724515_693166743_n.jpg

Pattern: Key West Tank for Girls here or the Ladies version here.


Fabric: Joann Fabric’s

Note: this post contains affiliate links, which means that if you choose to purchase a pattern, a small portion of that gets recycled into my fabric/pattern addiction – this is at no cost to you! All opinions are my own!



2 thoughts on “Adding Fringe For Festivity

  1. Adorable! I actually saw a little girl last night wearing a fringe tshirt. It brought back memories of how much I loved mine as a kid. I thought to myself, I need to learn how to do that for my little girl, so thank you! I have already pinned it for later. 🙂


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