I am so excited to be apart of the ‘Dress up This Town’ blog tour Hosted by Sewing By Ti! This tour is going to be super fun and it has all been organized by Ti! This is my very first time participating and I had an awesome time planning hacks for it! But…Can you believe it is already July!?


It always seems like Summer flies by way too quickly – and you’re always wishing that Summer would never end. While I hate the humidity that comes with Summer, I LOVE lounging at the beach, walking around in flip-flops, and just enjoying the late nights and early mornings – oh and of course comfy clothes! But…I guess I didn’t mention how last years clothes are fitting to be a tad bit too snug in all of the wrong spots! I decided it was time to turn the Girl’s Lisse by New Horizons Designs into a tank. I adore the pattern and the design that is unique!

Original Lisse For Girl’s

The fit is perfect – and is very true to size. I love a pattern that is versatile that will take me from one season to another; and it will help me fill up the closet! I am a sucker for a pattern with a hood, because you’re always prepared (for rain).


The Girl’s Lisse by New Horizons Designs pattern includes a hood or cowl neck pattern, 3/4 sleeves or long sleeve length, and top version (there is no lengthening of this top unless you grade it). The overall fit is perfect in regards the sizing chart. I made no adjustments to any of the sizing when cutting my pattern pieces and fabric.



It sews up very quickly and the instructions are clear with side by side photographs. The first time I tried to sew-up this pattern, I struggled with understanding the placement and how the cut pieces of fabric actually went together. After re-reading the directions and looking at the photos with my fabric, it clicked! While I adore the drafting of this pattern, this was one of the original patterns designed by Terra before she renamed the company New Horizons Designs. I love the small details of top stitching and hemming on the tulip to provide a nice clean finish. I used Liverpool in Navy and White Stripes from Vinegar and Honey Fabric Co.  and Cotton Lyrca in Baby Blue from a scrap pack from Knitpop. I love how mixing the two different types of fabrics really enhanced the details and finishing touches of this Lisse’s design.



So, You’re probably wondering how does this relate to Summer… well, I had this awesome idea of turning the Girl’s Lisse into a tank – I thought it would be perfect for beating the heat and humidity. However, I was really nervous when I received this double brushed poly pink floral fabric from Knitpop because I wasn’t sure what I was going to use it for. 19458316_10103600686597175_756469658_n.jpg

I’m always one for a top that can be transformed into something for all seasons and that can be dressed up or dressed down! And bonus points for awesome fabric that matches the style 🙂 While I adore hoods – I decided to leave off the hood and the sleeves from the Lisse and went to town hacking…(see below for the original pattern design)


The Pocket Addition Hack..To create a pocket pattern piece you will want to take the hand of the person that you will be creating the pocket for and trace their hand (ensure that you trace their wrist as this is where the pocket will be opening).

19496483_10103600749316485_1334435274_o.jpgCut the pattern piece out and place it on your fabric. You will want to have mirrored imaged (2 sets).19239709_10103599391412735_1949916765_n.jpg

Adding a pocket to the in-seam is pretty easy and can be done to almost any pattern. I began by measuring where I would place the first pocket piece on the front on the front of my bodice (where the petals of the pattern are). I measured the top of the pocket pattern piece to be about 8″ from the bottom raw edge of the petal. Next, I measured for placement on the back bodice making sure that it was even with the pocket pieces that I had just pinned on to the petals (front bodice). The key is to ensure that you align the front and back pocket pieces so that when you sew up the seams, they all match up evenly.

I then sewed the pocket to the bottom bodice and repeated to the opposite side of the front bottom bodice then continued with the bottom back bodice piece. 19441477_10103599391287985_1365163440_n.jpg


Next I aligned the bottom raw edges of the bottom bodice pieces and sewed up the side seams – when I got to the pocket, I went around the pocket (going around the seam we just created leaving that untouched). You can top stitch the pocket to the front bottom bodice if desired.



To make this top even more Summery – I decided to transform it into a tank by leaving off the sleeves and the hood; I created my own bands!19512156_10103600686701965_1897067414_n.jpg

If you have never created your own neckband or armbands, it’s pretty easy. You measure the opening of the armcycle (here is my size 3T – it measured to be 6″) and then multiply it by 2 which is the entire opening (12″ for the 3T). Based upon the stretch of your fabric used will determine if you use a 75%, 80% or 85% for the width. Aren’t sure of your fabric stretch?! Check the pattern’s fabric stretch chart before beginning. I used 80% for the double brushed poly fabric as seen here. I used the measurements of 2″ x 9.5″ for both armbands. I did this same formula for the neckband as well by measuring the opening of the neck (the raw edges) and then multiplied by 2 (since I only measured the one side with the raw edges evenly aligned). See the photo below 


I then matched the short sides up with the wrong sides together and sewed them together – then turned them right side out and folded them in half (long ways with wrong sides together- making a long strip). 19441523_10103599391407745_1009767701_n.jpg

I then placed the right side of the armband fabric to the right side of my armcycle – pinning in place at the seam, 1/2 way point and then each 1/4 point (stretching it evenly to avoid rippling/wrinkles).


**Note: The back has been hacked to be a solid piece – read more on my previous Lisse blog post here**

I love the look how this hack turned out – and if you are interested in using a panel you can easily do so with this pattern!19512438_10103600686677015_45129528_n.jpg

Or if you are intimidated by making your own armbands, you can make short sleeves instead to keep cool and beat the heat – see how here.


Pattern: Lisse Pattern for Girls here or the Ladies version here.

Fabric: Double Brushed Poly AND Cotton Lyrca from Knitpop  and Liverpool from Vinegar and Honey Fabric Co.


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