Lisse Hack – BeeBox Style

On the 17th of June I received shipment notification in my email, telling me that my BeeBox from Vinegar and Honey Co. had shipped! Last month (May 2017) Vinegar and Honey Co. had over 500 customers enroll into their very first BeeBox – how awesome is that?! Did you take the plunge?

While this was my second box – I always love a fabric surprise! And yes, WOW – I was surprised…Liverpool (2 full yards). My first thought was, I have never sewn with liverpool and it is way too hot to wear anything with this fabric. So – I washed the fabric and dried it and it sat nicely folded up on my sewing table….and it sat for another day, or three. Then I had a fun idea of making the Lisse Girl’s Cowl and Hoodie by New Horizons Designs. 

Did I mention that stripes are my weakness – I love them (especially when you can easily match them up). While I love bright colors – I find that the white and navy really allows you to dress up and dress down a garment. It isn’t really a neutral but you can add a pop of color or jewelry.


With it still being Summer – I wanted to have short sleeves and a solid back pattern piece (so I hacked it). The front and back bodice pieces can easily be color blocked per its original design which is gorgeous!

I paired the navy and white liverpool with athletic knit in a royal/navy blue from Knitpop as it was one of the few solids that would actually look well with this fabric. I was skeptical of mixing two different types of fabrics (you know, the content difference). I LOVE how it turned out! I think that the blues accent one another and white really pops. I have enough left over BeeBox fabric where I can make a matching top for myself.

I should mention the pattern I used was a hacked version of the Lisse For Girl‘s by New Horizons Designs

The HackNow…I printed my pattern per the instructions, measured my child and then cut the appropriate size (3T without any alterations to the sizing itself). To hack the back bodice to be one piece I cut my back bodice piece and the back bottom bodice piece and lined them up to overlap at 3/8″ (which would have been the original seam allowance if you had left them as two individual pieces of fabric. 19427720_10103593266067975_558439946_n.jpg

Then placed this back piece and back bodice pattern piece over my fabric and ended up with one piece instead of two…19250938_10103593635861905_1119734923_n.jpg

I then followed the remainder of the directions for cutting the other pieces except for the sleeves. I hacked them to be short sleeves…check out the hack here.

I totally adore how this turned out and love how the fit is true to size….19415868_10103593266033045_184308839_n.jpg

***Liverpool Fabric is From Vinegar and Honey Co! Grab your BeeBox or Weebox for just $25 (which includes shipping to you)***you can switch from BeeBox to WeeBox or vice versa at anytime and even have the option to place your Box on hold!

Patterns Used: Lisse For Girls – grab your copy here.

Note: this post contains affiliate links, which means that if you choose to purchase a pattern, a small portion of that gets recycled into my fabric/pattern addiction – this is at no cost to you! All opinions are my own!


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