Ever wonder why kids are always picking everything up and asking you to hold it? It’s probably because most children’s clothing do not have pockets. Or at least that’s what I think…so generally I add pockets to avoid my own pockets being filled with all of the children’s ‘goodies’. Adding pockets to any bottom is pretty simple and they can be externally or internally added.


For pockets that you want to add to a skirt or shorts (these will be external pockets). You will want to begin by measuring the distance from the top of the skirt to the bottom of the skirt. For this particular pocket I measured the distance from the top of the pattern (where the waistband would attached) to the bottom of the pattern where it would be hemmed (measuring at the side where it would fold). For me – this measured to be 9 inches on the piece I was using. Now, a 9 inch pocket looks huge on a kids skirt.

19415878_10103585460450495_362263671_n.jpgI decided to make a square pattern piece 6 inches by 6 inches. For the curved part of the pattern, I took my hand and laid it down on the pattern piece and made an ‘L’ shape with my thumb and first finger – I traced this then cut the traced portion out. Remember you will need mirrored images of the fabric for this to work.

19398579_10103584672524505_1658558416_n.jpgNext, I wanted to top stitch the opening of the pocket. I did a 0.25 inch hem to the opening of the pocket.


Now I added this pattern piece to my current project – however, I would suggest that you gather the top of the skirt and find the sides of the skirt. If you created a true circle skirt you will need to create slits (side seams). Finding the side seams is pretty easy – generally when you place the garment flat you will note where the sides of the pattern are like this. 19397913_10103584442335805_2013248326_n.jpg19389880_10103584441946585_180288368_n.jpg

I would suggest adding the waistband now (you will need to seam rip where the top of the pockets need to be sewn so that they are attached with the waistband. Yep – I said it, seam rip (I hate that word). Okay, so now that you have figured out how to create your ‘L’ pockets that will be externally placed – let’s get them in place and top stitch them.

In order to top stitch in place, I had to figure out where I would place my pattern pieces. Since I had made my own side seams I knew the short edge of my pocket pattern piece would be placed there with a triangle hang-over. I then straightened out the pocket so that it was flat and ensured it was high enough to give a 0.25 inch overhang at the top of the waist so it would be sewn with the waistband. This measured to be 1inch from the side seam I created.


Top stitch into place using the appropriate seam allowance suggested for hem above…19397740_10103584672664225_1263062293_n.jpg


Seam rip the top of the waistband that was previously attached and slip that 1/4 inch piece of the pocket through the gap of the skirt and the waistband. Now you will sew it into place. You will repeat all of these steps for the opposite side (pocket).19389404_10103584672584385_989603405_n.jpg

Original Pattern Used: Be Smart Jumper – Grab your copy of this pattern for just $3 Today; After June 20, 2017 It will be 35% off Along with All Other Patterns at Ellie and Mac Throughout the Month Of June 2017.

Fabric From: Joann Fabrics and Knitpop

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