When I think about the kids going back to school – I always seem to find jumpers in the stores. Jumpers are the perfect addition to just about any outfit, as it can be work in the Summer over a tank top and shorts or in the Fall/Winter over a long sleeve top and leggings. So why not make your own?


Ellie and Mac mentioned that they had a new Be Smart Jumper in the works and I just knew this would be the perfect addition to our ‘year-round’ wardrobe. And by ‘year-round’ I mean it can be added to any outfit during any season! This pattern seemed great and versatile…and easy to hack! 19398561_10103584089118655_2100828293_n.jpg

The Be Smart Jumper can be made using woven cotton or knit for the straps and skirt but the waistband must be made using knit. From cut to hem this project took me under 30 minutes and I won’t tell you how much I hate hemming circle skirts…in fact, I have made over a dozen Ellie and Mac patterns with circle skirts and I LOVE each one of them!

For my low busted waist skirt, I used cotton woven 100% for the straps and skirt then athletic knit yoga for the waistband. Ever have a child that is all about one particular character?! Ours are dinosaurs and our local Joann Fabric Shop didn’t have much of a selection, so I ended up buying 3 yards of this fabric. Since we were off to the playground – we decided to drop the straps to the side for a fun playground skirt….19389574_10103584092471935_1927134971_n.jpg

HACK A LOW BUSTED WAIST SKIRT: You can easily omit the straps and you will have the perfect little skirt (please ensure you child wears leggings or shorts under)…19369936_10103584098669515_1870329197_n.jpg

While I love the low bust waist version – we also adore the high busted waist option. It has the same concept at the low bust waist version except the skirt is longer and the straps are shorter. I ended up topstitching around the top of the waistband to prevent it from rolling down around the straps. 18952926_10103552399190525_4504757391378327812_n.jpg

HACK A HIGH BUSTED WAIST SKIRT:  (I omitted the straps) I used 100% woven cotton for the skirt (hem is raw –  I will topstitch hem it so it doesn’t fray) and double brushed poly for the waistband.


Here are a few fun hacks/ideas that I decided to try since this skirt is such a quick and easy sew (in addition to just omitting the straps and making it a skirt). Remember these hacks can easily be done to either the high or low waist busted skirt version. 

Before you think about hacking a pattern that you don’t have…grab your copy here so you can hack it while you read 😉 Remember it’s on sale today only June 20th for just $3 – after today, it is 35% off throughout the rest of June 2017.

Adding Grommet Holes And Drawstring To Any Waistband
check out the blog post here 

Want to add lace to your hem?

All you have to do is measure your hem line and pin into place. Next measure the hem of the skirt using your lace or trim and add about 3 inches. Pin the lace or trim into place over top of the hem suggested. Don’t forget to overlap the lace or trim at the beginning/end by about 1 inch. Now, top stitch both the hem and trim into place together. (Check out my previous blog post here on how I add lace and trim).


Oh Me Oh My Pockets For Treasures….

Which little child doesn’t love pockets to collect their treasures in while playing outside…or even in the house! I have never met a child that did not want a pocket on their shorts or skirt – in fact, mine beg for pockets to be added! Want to know how I added pockets to my skirt pattern? Check out the blog post here.19389404_10103584672584385_989603405_n19243627_10103585468135095_902018194_o.jpg

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