Adding Grommet Holes And Drawstring I wanted to add a drawstring tie to the front of the skirt for a unique and fun look – this can be done to any of the versions of the Jumper. I love drawstrings because they add a little design to a solid colored waistband. I used a 3 piece eyelet set for the grommets but you can also use a button hole setting on your sewing machine. You will want to add the grommet holes or button holes after you cut your waistband piece (do not sew anything together). 19398164_10103584328648635_370104945_n.jpgSteps on adding a waistband with grommet holes or button holes with a drawstring.

  1. Cut the waistband as directed by the patterns instructions.
  2. Fold your waistband in half (short sides together) like this and measure the length of your waistband then divide that by 4. I use the number 4 because you will end up having your pattern folded – hence leaving you 4 halves. Mark your spot with a pen or washable marker.
  3. 19389802_10103584328628675_1862189805_n.jpg
    I used the size 3T waistband so I got 1.25inches when I took 5 inches in length and divided it by 4.

    Next with your waistband still folded in half – you will then use that measurement you got in step 2 and divide it by 2. So for the size 3T waistband I would take the 1.25 inches and divide it by 2 giving me 0.63 inches. I then measured that distance from the fold over to the mark I made in step 2. Now this is where I will have the center of the grommet or button hole.19389486_10103584328718495_1415358679_n.jpg

    Place a small 1″ x 1″ piece of medium-heavy interfacing around where the grommet hole will be going – this will help provide stability to the site.

  4. 19398772_10103584328623685_1554214855_n.jpg
  5. Now you can attach the waistband to the body of the skirt. Don’t forget to make sure your drawstring holes are right side to the right side of the skirt fabric otherwise you may need to seam rip!19389759_10103584328708515_267447329_n.jpg

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Fabric From: Joann Fabrics and Knitpop

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