At first glance, drawstrings look rather overwhelming to make. I know the first time I attempted to make one, I am pretty sure I read through the directions a few times. But it is super simple and you can use a regular sewing machine.

So…grab your fabric…

Knit Double Brushed Poly with 4-Way Stretch

First thing to figure out on your fabric is which way is the stretch and which way is the grainline – but if your fabric doesn’t have any stretch (it is a woven) you will just look for the grainline. 18945178_10103547441695385_1612301968_n.jpg

Now, you will want to lay the fabric flat on your cutting surface. Cut the fabric 1.5 inches tall (length) – to determine the width you will want to look at the measurement of the fabric you will be inserting the drawstring into. I generally make mine the entire width of the fabric (45″ to 60″ for adults and about 3/4 of that for children’s items).


Measure 1.5 inches tall and cut the fabric
This is what you should have now after cutting.

Once you have your strip of fabric, you will fold it in half (long sides together) so that you have a skinny strip of fabric. We will then sew this along the long open side only (not on the short sides because we need to turn it right side out). Use a seam allowance of 3/8″.


This is what your drawstring should look like AFTER you sew/serge.

It is the time to turn this drawstring right side out through the casing you just created – I highly suggest using a pin. You will want to attach it to the one end and push it through the casing of the drawstring until it becomes right side out.

Attach a pin to make turning the casing right side out easier.
Pull the Pin through and the remainder of the fabric.
Woohoo! You did it!


Now you have your drawstring – just remember to add a tie to each end like this…

Remember to use a pin when threading the draw string through your grommet holes or button holes.

Here is my finished product! I will be making more things using drawstrings and adding them 🙂


18985063_10103548884054885_2021981845_n.jpgNew Horizons Designs – Girls Portlanders – Grab your pattern here

Fabric Shown: Vinegar and Honey Fabric Co

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