I don’t always get to pick out the fabric when it comes to sewing. I have a little helper who likes to sort through and select her favorite…such as this gorgeous brushed poly pastel rainbow and let me tell you, this fabric is SOFT.18944425_10103544519940605_20886927_n.jpg

With Summer right around the corner…literally days away, I decided that it was time for something fun and different. I used the Girls Key West Tank pattern by New Horizons Designs. I needed at least one pocket that was functional and was still undecided about color blocking. So..I printed my pattern and taped it together. I wanted a slimmer fit so I went from the point of the armcycle to the bottom at a 10 degree angle and cut for both the front AND back pattern pieces. The neckband and armbands remain unchanged – so I cut them as directed by the pattern.

I removed about 4 inches from the bottom of the pattern and did a straight hem.
Tunic Length with an added pocket and bottom band – no additional modifications to the length.

Next, I decided it would be best to color block. So I took my front piece and made two of them (out of paper) – this made is much easier for me to decide how much and where I wanted to color block. Better then wasting gorgeous fabric, right?!

I took my ruler and made a straight cut down – now leaving me with a split piece (one will be my color blocking fabric, and the other will be my primary fabric).


I then cut my fabric according to these pattern pieces and serged where I had originally cut them apart (on my pattern) to create one front piece. You can top stitch down the center seam where you just stitched, if desired. Note: I did not serge the shoulder seams until I finished color blocking.

18983214_10103544504531485_1571850721_n.jpgNote: I added one pocket to the seam when I serged my solid color to the rainbow colored fabric and then again when I serged the back to the front. 

To make the pocket I folded 1/4″ down and top stitched prior to serging it to the front fabric. I used a 4in x 5in square and ended up shaving off a little bit so that it would fit perfectly. I would much rather have it be too big then too small.


Now you can easily see the pocket and the color blocking stripe. Amazing! Follow the directions for the remainder of the project for attaching the back of tank to the front as well as the neckband and armbands. I chose to add a waistband. I used the 80% measurement of the actual bottom of the fabric when both the front and back were attached for the width and measured 6.5″ for the length. This ended up being a tunic length top at this measurement – if you want this to be a top length – you would want to decrease the length by 4″ to 6″ since the band will add additional length.


Here it is, without any additional fit adjustments. Overall, I would HIGHLY recommend sizing up by 1 to 2 full sizes as this tank becomes very slim fitting. I made the size 4T for a height of 41″ on my model. 18983014_10103544502730095_1262592315_n.jpg
18944428_10103544570154975_1959405820_n.jpgGrab your New Horizons Designs Key West Tank for Girls here.

All fabric is double brushed poly from Knitpop

Note: this post contains affiliate links, which means that if you choose to purchase a pattern, a small portion of that gets recycled into my fabric/pattern addiction – this is at no cost to you! All opinions are my own!