I absolutely adore the way the Harbor Knot by Striped Swallow Designs fit. For me, finding a tee that doesn’t cut into my armpits and isn’t skin tight is getting hard to find! I find that there are a lot of form fitting tee patterns roaming around but finding a designer that creates a pattern that allows the body to move in fabric is ideal for me! So with that being said…

18741785_10103512588780905_261221929_n.jpgA good friend of mine recommended the Harbor Knot Tee which is available in babies, girls, and ladies! I adored the fit and style so I thought I would give it a try – I made one and loved it and thought, why not make a tee?! I wanted the shirt (not the knot) to be a little longer – I modified the length by adding 3 inches (see the directions on page 4 about lengthening the pattern).


Now, this is how I hacked it to remove the knot tie – I used only the front, back, neckband, and sleeves. I folded my front piece in half (remember that you will fold your fabric in half on the fold line of the pattern piece that you cut) and aligned the top of the sleeves – I then cut on the line (shown in my drafted photo) directly down to create the front of the top.


I should mention that I used tracing paper so I didn’t have to reprint the original Harbor Knot pattern…and ended up with my gorgeous Tee pattern pieces. Just remember to fold the fabric that you will be using for the front of the shirt….


Next I sewed the shoulder seams and sleeves according to the directions for the original pattern. I then had straight seams for my sides and sewed them, hemmed the bottom of the shirt and the sleeves…and of course added my neckband. And Voila!

I should mention I ended up tying a knot on the side…but the fit is perfect!18740681_10103516435741565_2171430325790410686_n.jpg

Fabric is from: Knitpop

Grab your pattern,  so you can create yours into a Tee: Ladies Version   Baby Version   Girls Version

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