There is a simple trick I learned that allowed me to recreate that 1990’s super trendy knot tie on any shirt – the key is to ensure the shirt is long enough to be able to tie it. And…if you can’t tie it there is always the fabric bunch and put a hairtie on it trick (that’s a story for another day though).

17951432_10103423837718745_4827448790159892779_n.jpgI made a curved hem Sweet Tee by Patterns for Pirates.  When making the curved hem, I did not make any additional adjustments for height or length. This pattern is super simple and a quick sew…anywho…I made a knot out of the corner of the fabric. And VOILA! That was my knot….Collage 2017-04-23 14_52_42-1


Fabric is from Vinegar and Honey Fabric Co. and it is a Rayon Spandex Blend –>Fabric

Here is another one I made using double brushed poly… And this fabric is from Collage 2017-04-22 22_30_13-1.jpg

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